“Immense shoulder pain” resolved- “That was pretty wild!”

When I recognized that feelings are energies, it opened the door to developing the spiritual digestion technique to resolve bad or unwanted feelings. Then I reasoned that this should work just as well on physical discomforts, being that these also are feelings, and...

Anxiety vs Presence

It’s not about worrying about things not being the way they are “supposed to be”, that will only get in your way. That is the very definition of anxiety. Set your projecting aside, that you may be able to appreciate the joy, beauty, love, and happiness of having all...

The simplicity of how to make it happen for yourself.

It’s not that you need to bring anything into existence for yourself. You merely need to unravel, penetrate and wholly digest your various internal resistances to recognizing that it’s all here for you, and to accept having it be.

Just let go of the constant projecting.

There is so much beauty in life to take pleasure in, we are so blessed to be in this world. We merely need to be present and have its presence, and just let go of the constant projecting so that we can have what actually is here to love and enjoy.

Presence as inclusion

I see so much posturing of condescension on social media. And elsewhere. Asserting that you are above someone or something that you fear to engage in or with is escapism. It is denial. You are not above anything you cannot engage with. Have presence, not as...