The Repeating Life Patterns of the Persona: Why People Exhibit the Same Circumstances and Conditions Over and Over Again

As frequently happens, when a person becomes engaged in enacting a particular persona, a trap is set in motion. Any “self”, “identity”, or, if you prefer, “beingness” you take on, or find projected onto you, by definition, has its own particular set of attitudes, conditions and circumstances. And, as a synthesis of a genuine personality, is driven to protect and maintain its existence, which is done by asserting those characteristics that define it as a distinct and thus recognizable persona.
“Tough guy Joe” has to have the circumstances that provide the opportunity to show what a “tough guy” he is; “Righteously Indignant Mary” must have something to present “righteous indignation” about; “Andy the Victim” has to present the scenario of how he is being victimized; “Aloof Intellectual Ted” will repeatedly present scenarios of how dimwitted others are, and how he is “smarter”, and “above it all”, and on and on.
The guiding behavior of each of our personae (and we all have accumulated collections of these, to be triggered or enacted accordingly toward and with the persona we are encountering) is simple:
Any persona must display the conditions and circumstances that justify its attitude and its very existence.
And thereby, any persona a person takes on, or has projected onto him, will attract, create, provoke, and/or fabricate the conditions and circumstances that define the attitude of that persona.
“Tough Guy Joe” will pick a fight, or accuse another of “starting it”; “Righteously Indignant Mary” will go out of her way to find something to be outraged about, and/or paint a false picture of someone or something to play that role; “Andy the Victim” will somehow find someone who will take advantage of him, and/or paint a false picture of that happening, and “Aloof Intellectual Ted” will display that attitude at every opportunity, real or otherwise.
And so, people, engaged in their own particular personae, will exhibit the same circumstances over and over again.
Within Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, the techniques exist to deconstruct our personae, and so become present, genuine and unencumbered of repeating life patterns.

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