The Relationship between the Rigidly Held Self-Protective Assumption (RESPA) and the Assumed Persona

The Rigidly Enforced Self-Protective Assumption (RESPA) and the Assumed Persona are related spiritual architectures, which when engaged, subsume your presence and mindfulness. Defaulting to such internal programming interferes with how you want to be, and what you are trying to accomplish. Both mechanisms can be easy to observe in others and sometimes recognizable in yourself.

A Rigidly Enforced Self-Protective Assumption is something you set in place in an attempt to shield you from some experience of overwhelming pain and/or fear, something you default to in situations that you associate with encountering such undesirable feelings. It is a very strong refusal on your part to connect with the offending subject or circumstance.

An Assumed Persona is an adopted or imposed overlay of personality, a “self” that is deferred to when you don’t feel safe or adequate in simply being present and mindful.

These constructs are related; the Assumed Persona is a type of Rigidly Enforced Self-Protective Assumption, albeit a more pervasive, more complex construct. We all have many of each of these.

From a goal-oriented perspective, both of these, when activated or triggered, override your presence and mindfulness, ultimately preventing you from being happy and succeeding.

Both the Assumed Persona and the Rigidly Enforced Self-Protective Assumption lock in a wall of energetic resistance to penetrating one’s traumatic experiences, feelings and other energies, and holds them in place, or recreates them even after they seemed to have been successfully addressed and resolved. These spiritual architectures are the reasons why you sometimes do not have lasting results from what would otherwise be successful therapeutic approaches, as both the RESPA and the Assumed Persona lock in undesirable conditions connected with them, to the point of recreating those conditions after they have been correctly and effectively deconstructed, thus turning successes into failures, and often plunging you into hopelessness about ever permanently resolving those conditions.

Through years of experience and observation, I have come to learn that the most successful and rewarding spiritual/therapeutic path is through shifting back and forth between addressing one’s traumatic material and addressing these constructs that deflect the addressing of the traumatic material.This in addition to recognizing, and focusing on one’s limitless positive drives and potentials.

These constructs have structures that have been identified, analyzed and understood. They can be found, recognized and deconstructed, through the use of appropriate, specific techniques, that myself, and others, are routinely using to permanently resolve them.

There is a specific procedure for deconstructing your RESPA’s, and there are specific procedures for deconstructing your Adopted Personae, and these procedures are part of the content of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

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