“…only now, with Dex was I able to accomplish my personal purposes”

I am writing to give a huge thanks to Dex and the great work that he did with me. I had risen to near the top of “the bridge” while in Scientology, but only now, with Dex was I able to accomplish my personal purposes that I had hoped to do then. I don’t want to just focus on my past. I am sure many of you have been through practices to handle things in your life and while you received many benefits, there were still the things sticking with you that weren’t being taking care of. Your hopes and dreams and desires. Well, those are the very things that Dex addresses. I came to Dex with a big “why” and left with a bigger “cause”. It is so awesome. Every session addressed what was going on with me right there… what is right in front of my face… and it was remarkable. One day we started session and I brought up something that was bugging me. Rather than follow any preconceived program, he set aside everything else and addressed that issue right there. It was mind-blowing. So Dex, thanks so much for your help. You have addressed many things with me and now I see how and why I did what I did and experienced what I did, too.
LJ, September 2019

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