“Now I’m happy all the time”

A very long time ago, due to hard circumstances, I made a decision that would affect me for lifetimes. It is so powerful when we do what I call “making life molding decisions”,  generally as an attempt to cope with hard times. It is an effort to escape or avoid the situation at hand. And so I have learned to meet head on all my life experiences, and to create in my mind for adventure, not for escape.

Dex, your techniques never cease to amaze me! I feel so much more in control than I ever have. Things that used to be impossible for me or that I so wish to do but “only someday” I take head on now.

When I think of what I can do now I can’t help but laugh. This new inner calmness, clarity and confidence has turned my life around. When I first met you I was homeless, living in a van and barely able to make enough for gas and food. I hated myself, hated how inept I was and really didn’t see things ever getting better for me. I woke up each day feeling terrible. I lived with feelings of extreme anxiety, like I did something wrong, like impending doom.  Now I can hardly remember what it was like to feel that way. Now I’m happy all the time.

Every now and then I think about what I want to accomplish and I think about putting it off or not doing because right now I can’t. And then I think there’s nothing stopping me and laugh and laugh, and then I do what I wanted to do.

Dexter the Magnificent, you truly are a genius among your peers, and you have helped me realize me!!! The greatest gift of all is to introduce someone to their potential. We are not even done yet, but what a long, long, long way we have come in such a short time!

Kevin Hale

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