Mentoring in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling!

I am now providing mentoring for practitioners in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling approach and techniques in one on one sessions over Skype or FaceTime.

Each participant finds the training enlightening, in fact eye-opening, and has found fulfilling success in their ongoing work, providing miracles for their participants in session after session.

The rate is very affordable and also entitles the practitioner to a 20% discount for paid sessions with me.

Comments from mentoring participants:

Hi Dex,

I am very happy with how today’s session turned out. We started with your Resolution Technique, and then my participant said that specific incident was a shock, so I ran the Shock Disintegration Technique. He relieved so much during the session, things that would in Dianetics take many many sessions, and processed everything in one long session! I’m impressed He feels a million times lighter and for the first time in his life, he feels Love in his heart and inner peace that he was craving for. He knows now why he tried to control everything, it all came out of not having any in the shock moment when little.

He is deeply grateful for the experience and I am deeply grateful for your trust in me and seeing in me a practitioner that can do it. I see more and more how powerful these techniques are and how the mind guides itself towards a solution. I am mainly a presence there for a person to find their own way to healing/health/peace. I can see how our minds and bodies are programmed for health and balance. This is Nature, Universal Intelligence that KNOWS where to go and what to do to get a Being back into Balance & Harmony.

For me this is a deeply moving experience to observe what’s unraveling in front of my eyes (his body was twitching and physically moving during the session) and I just invite The Universe to do what it needs to do to bring about a positive change in a person (even both — as I see how I grow with every session and learn more). I am also more and more connected to myself and intuition and I fully Trust the process. Thank you, Dexter, for being willing to teach me and taking me on.

Much Love,
Scotland, UK


My experience in using your resolution technique, having been mentored and trained by you, is that it is simple and effective for any client to use.

The beauty about this technique is that as long as one is willing to handle the condition one has attention on one can, by just put one’s attention there and experience the feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions etc., of the condition and it will start to unravel and dissipate. The progress of dissipation and relief is always according to the client’s willingness to experience. The handling of the negative and positive sides of a condition is also very powerful and gets my clients really looking at both sides of the condition with remarkable results.

Every client that I have shared it with has been able to use it smoothly and only with minimal direction.

I also find the digestion step of your Resolution Technique useful for self-processing as long as one uses it by itself purely. I find it simple, naturally intuitive and very effective.

I always believed that everyone is equipped from birth with the ability to handle any condition and in my opinion, the digestion step of your Resolution Technique is it.

Houston, Texas

You can do this if you are so moved, and it would be my pleasure and honor to work with you!

Love, Dex

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"My ideas of granting beingness are changing, and I’m becoming a lot more aware of other people as beings. Granting beingness to others is, looking back at it, possibly one of my biggest problem areas in this lifetime. I’m still sorting through that, but it’s got a lot of potential. "I’m having a lot more comfort in communication cycles, and paying more attention to them. Not necessarily running them better all the time, but definitely seeing them."
"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
"I feel energized, I can’t wait to create. Knowing my unlimited power, I will use it for good. I will have fun. I will postulate into existence whatever it is I want to do because it will be good. It will not harm. And, it will include others who are of the same mindset. Thanks so much to my wonderful auditor, Dexter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stable before."
"I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter just knows how to get a real product."
Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
  • Case repair
  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
“Raise your expectations, do not compromise!”