“I really have gone so far beyond what I was expecting”

Gains far beyond what I was expectingI have reached a place where I find myself far beyond what I thought to be obtainable. I ponder what my direction should be because i never thought, contemplated or dreamt of such a release. In a session with Dex the other day, we discovered and uprooted what had been a severely impactful moment of shock, along with a number of related traumas. We hit the root and they all dissipated……it gave me soooooooooo much free energy! It had all been locked away for so long, inaccessible. This energy is ME, and its far too vast to be contained within this body. It is all around me and goes miles and miles and miles in every direction.

Now I’m free and I’m unlimited! While I do still have some negative spiritual material yet to be addressed and resolved, it no longer defines me, no longer regulates my behavior and decisions. I am not “my Irish temper” or my sorrow, I am not the child in the dark nor the wolf at the door; what is, is gone, and It no longer defines me, or weighs me down.

I feel amazing, and I feel a sort of a clean void, an absence of constructs and colors, like an artist must feel when he stands before a blank canvas.

So here I stare at a blank canvas. My game of life begins anew!

I want to encourage drive to succeed in others, to make those around me bigger and more capable. I want to love and be loved, to be confident in my abilities and leadership. I want to be successful in all I undertake, to achieve a higher levels of success for everything, to simply, effortlessly my goals. To win, win, win, win!!! I want to smile, laugh, love, live and WIN!

I really have gone so far beyond what I was expecting. I had defined myself so long by my negative mental impressions and attitudes I have to make a concise effort to create me and my new game….

My canvas is starting to take shape.

Kevin Hale
November 2015

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