“I drink in the sky, dance with the wind”

waterfall-828948_640Hello all! First off, I love you all! I would like to say how my recent breakthrough to extrovert has been working out for me.

I am absolutely amazed at how much of everything I perceive now…. I look in a direction and blam!!! I experience everything about it now! I drink in the sky, dance with the wind, vibrate with sounds and radiate with the colors.

I see, feel and create every little detail instantly!

That’s all for now… I am sure I will have more soon but I just had to express this now.

To Dexter the magnificent….. When we started this quest everything was so dark, so small, so out of reach. Now everything is bright, everything is so big and all within my reach! Your help has not just improved my life but given me an entire new world! You’re AWESOME!

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