“Finally, I feel free of the negative aspects of my Scientology sessions”

I often have the opportunity to help people to shed the detrimental effects of having undergone processing sessions in Scientology and related groups. Frequently such clients are merely seeking to accomplish what these groups promised and then disappointingly failed to deliver, usually after having invested large portions of their lives and substantial amounts of money, and gradually come to realize how invested they’d become in unhealthy attitudes. Some of them, like M.G., come to me specifically to relieve themselves of crippling detrimental effects,

M.G. had this to share today:

“Finally now it’s all calmed down, all the disturbing feelings I accumulated in having been doing Scientology for so long, undoing all that was wrong with all the auditing I did. Finally, peace of mind, I feel free from all the negative aspects. I’ve definitely been noticing how much more at ease I am in dealing with people, this is just what I wanted, it’s a profound change!

M.G., November 2021