When a stability point is reached, how to find/make a new purpose that will turn on the intention to go for it?

Dex: I’m sure there are many answers, perhaps starting with addressing the possibility that a person actually has some sort of charge or mass manifesting as apathy or some other feeling that “Nothing can be done”, “nothing is interesting”, “I have no motivation”, etc, which itself then could be something to address with processing, a negative that is suppressing or obscuring positive drive.
Or, it could be as simple as asking oneself, “What do I want to accomplish, gain or regain for myself spiritually?”
Another possibility: The Church of Scientology, among other organizations, instills in a person the idea that it is their “duty” to “go up the bridge” and/or follow whatever the proscribed “steps to heaven” may be, and that can actually interfere with one’s own natural spiritual drives, especially when one becomes aware of all that is corrupt and misleading about the Church of Scientology. It may be necessary to process and resolve all the instilled/implanted drives to recover one’s own underlying natural drives toward spiritual growth.