Dear Dex, Will you believe it? This old auditor has finally given up and started auditing on SKYPE! Two clients, one local, I have become too lazy to travel the three miles, and one in Australia who doesn’t want to come here every two days.. lazy bug… – so my “Ask Dex – question” is – Do you have a SKYPE auditing write-up I could benefit from in order not to commit all the usual stupid mistakes? Everfun, Per Schiottz (in Norway)

Hello Per, and welcome aboard, my friend! Thanks for asking, here are some suggested guidelines:

(1) If you’re going to offer Skype auditing, it behooves you to have a higher level of internet speed than the less expensive option(s); must be very reliable, and sufficient to provide very good video and audio with, as a rule, no A/V glitches such as stops, pixilating, audio cutting out, etc.
(2) You should have good equipment, and a back-up computer (as my local Mac service guy puts it, if you haven’t got a good 2nd computer, “you’re flying without a parachute” 🙂
(3) Advise your clients that they too need to have sufficient service and equipment.
(4) In all my experience, tablets and cell phones do not work as well as a laptop or desktop computer. This has proven out many, many times. Your clients need to know that; connectivity, audio quality and video quality are not as good-no matter what you think, or what you hear, or read. They may or may not be sufficient.
(5) Simplest troubleshoot: If the connection is really bad or insufficient, do a quick Skype call to someone else; if it now works well, the problem is at the client’s end, if it’s just as bad, the problem is at your end.
(6) In the event of some type of transmission issue, don’t create it to be a big problem, maintain your composure, it’s all good, chances are better than 99% you can still smoothly make it work. Usually, it’s as simple as “Ok. we’re going to switch over to speaker phones”, with or without the video working, when the audio isn’t working well enough. I once had a client in South Africa lose both audio and video, in the middle of a revivification in running Power Processing, and so we shifted to key-stroking messages over Skype to continue, and it all went smooth as silk. DON’T STRESS, it’s never necessary, and it’s never helpful. In all the thousands of sessions I’ve done over Skype, there was precisely one single session that had to be discontinued and resumed at another time, and nobody suffered for it.
(7) “If the client blows (walks out on) the Skype session”- oh, wait- that has never ever happened, at least for me, or ever for anyone, as far as I know. Unless you’re a theoretical Skype auditor, rather than an actual Skype auditor, with the expertise one would expect of any decent auditor, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over that hypothetical!
(7) See my 2-part video, “The Principles of Auditing in Relation to Auditing over Skype“, which is here on my website on the VIDEOS page. Love, Dex