Can you help a person who needs things resolved that came up, or didn’t and should have, in Scientology sessions?

Dex: Yes, of course, that, and bringing about the changes or results that have been sought all along is largely what I do, resolving any lingering issues from past Scientology or Dianetics experience, is a facet of my practice. I have all the techniques and expertise necessary, and have mastered these, and have accumulated a broad history of successes for my clients.

My practice is not limited to such “repairs”, but many of my clients have had decades of previous experience, often going back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, with Scientology auditing, and have been seeking resurgence of the gains that have disappeared or diminished, accomplishment of goals that were never actually achieved, and successful processing of things that were stirred up but not successfully processed and resolved.

Some clients have had “Book one Dianetics” and are interested in professional auditing without all the unattractive aspects of the organizations of the Church of Scientology, others never had experienced a session before. In any case, my practice is centered on accomplishing the individual’s purposes for seeking auditing sessions.

I’ve had many clients over the years who had invested substantial amounts of time, money and effort in Scientology, including their “advanced levels”, who, after our first session, have expressed pleasure and relief of “I’ve finally handled the thing I got into Scientology to handle”. This has been a common occurrence.