“I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES”

Success Story
Terry Laster
14 December 2011

After many years of having my case completely tangled up but the Corporate Church of Scientology and after a short but thorough interview, Dexter came up with a wonderful program that completely paralleled my mind. I think it’s important to note, that EVERY OTHER AUDITOR either overtly or covertly invalidated the one thing that I wanted to have handled, but not Dex. He immediately let me know that he understood why I was so upset and that I shouldn’t worry because we were going to get THIS THING handled.

The next day, we’re in session, Dexter honing in on what was bugging me the most. The process, deceptively simple, was run with such finesse and high affinity. I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter’s just knows how to get a real product.

Here is a man with integrity, who studies the technology of the mind EVERY DAY, who doesn’t throw out processes because they are supposedly “old” and “outdated”, who doesn’t really care at all what his critics say. There is no way I can thank Dexter enough but I’ll keep trying. Thanks, Dexter. You rock!!!

Terry Laster

“I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared in”

A few months ago, I was contacted through my website by a gentleman in Australia who was curious to find out what value Scientology processing might have for him. His own research had made him wary of the CoS, and after checking with my contacts and colleagues, no Freezone practitioners were known to exist in his region, and so this was a good opportunity to make use of Skype. I provided the necessary indoctrination, did an interview to ascertain areas of charge and interest, and then programmed and audited Sean on an introductory Life Repair program. This week, he was moved to volunteer his own testimonial, below. For my part, it is always a pleasure to help a fellow seeker accomplish some enlightenment, and of course, to make a new friend in the process. When I arrived home from the Freezone convention in Las Vegas, this story was sitting in my inbox:

“To all Seekers, Explorers and Adventurers,

I have decided on my own merit to write some words around Dex and the time I have spent getting to know him over the period of approximately 6 months. In the latter part of this time we undertook various processes as he became my auditor. The results I came to experience ranged from subtle to gross but they all shared the quality of becoming transformative to my life.

To firstly detail my own path, I have always been curious about philosophies, religion and all things spiritual and ethereal. Scientology presented itself to me some time ago and in the beginning I spent some time undertaking a personal exploration of its ideas and practical applications. Soon after, I became disheartened as the darker and more negative aspects of the religion came to the surface through the exposure of critics and internet groups. As a result I abandoned my exploration.

However, after some time I felt my curiosity and interest return – I realised I had departed my original efforts unfinished and ultimately unfulfilled. Returning to explore its teachings I stumbled across the Freezone as a safe route which could entered through objectively. From the individuals here I felt warmth and an opening of arms from the very start. Eventually I encountered a presence online by the name of Dex. Through his writings and videos I felt an urge to get in contact and talk with him directly. From our first conversation I could tell we were two individuals who were of the same spirit, and who held similar motivations to search for our own truths.

In our first interactions Dex took his time getting to know me. Asking about my experiences with Scientology I was surprised to hear him asking many general questions leading to the personal, the purpose in which to construct a complete picture of who I was. The time came when he asked if I was ready to do an interview to open about some painful experiences and memories (more aptly those which I felt still held impact and influence on my life). Approaching this time I held a small fear that I was about to open up to someone in the traditional sense that I did not know for that long. However, I cannot put into words the amount of comfort and trust I felt with Dex from very early on. This is one of his natural abilities. To make someone feel completely at ease no matter what they are facing.

Soon another challenge arose – I was going to do this via a medium which a large part of me felt was somewhat impersonal by default – via an online video link on Skype. Time passed, and the interview was completed. I felt like I had just released some of my most personal truths to a new friend, and in doing so became to feel more space develop within myself.In our next session Dex introduced me to running Rudiments and some further basic processes to get me comfortable with the format of auditing. We would continue to do this on a weekly basis.

From the start I began to run processes on those engrams which I needed to summon courage to face. In my first session I was able to face and let go aspects of my life which had held me captive for years. No other therapy had been able to penetrate to the heart of the problem, or more accurately guide me to face those barriers with confidence.

The qualities of auditing which appealed to me from the beginning was Dex’s philosophy that it is an active process by both the auditor and the individual. They need to become a participant in their healing in order for benefit and progress be made. I agree with this idea, and I have felt the benefits of this mindset engaging in session after session. The results it achieves are nothing short of amazing.

There remains one quality of auditing that became apparent to me as being the catalyst for change within myself. It has been solely responsible for enabling positive transformation to occur. That is the relationship that I have come to create with Dex as another human being. Through laughter and the encouragement to confront challenges Dex remained by my side undeterred. Seeing me at my most vulnerable he never backed down and remained by my side all the way. Because of this even after a short, but intensive period of time I consider Dex a good friend. One in the beginning I didn’t think I would ever meet.

In conclusion, I hope the words I have constructed above provide a small insight into the benefits that can be achieved through undertaking auditing, in particular with Dex as the choice to lead you towards fulfilling your goals for personal growth.

I first arrived in this space with only limited knowledge of Scientology, its philosophies and practical applications. I held my fair share of doubts and critiques, along with a skeptical headspace. However, I was able to recognise that I held a curiosity that needed to be satisfied to see what inside of myself was seeking an outlet. I now stand here standing stronger, and more confident than ever. I still hold many of the same fears, but my connection with them has been changed for the better. No longer are they limiting my growth – they are instead nourishing it becoming a source of learning. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared in.



E.J.’s success story: “Cutting through the Gordian knot”

E.J. had received extensive auditing at the Church of Scientology’s “Flag” international headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, which they promote to be “the mecca of technical perfection”. Despite the promotional hyperbole, it was for him a bad experience, with pronounced adverse mental effects. E.J. was referred to me by another highly experienced topnotch independent practitioner whose schedule was too full to take him on at this time. This is what he wanted to share after a session earlier this week:

During my last Power auditing session, I encountered the heaviest engram in my auditing history. The content of the engram was very much in restim on a daily basis. Daily my mind was not focused on important things but was focused in a direction that can be termed non-optimum survival. This was so very much the case that the restim seemed to be a totally immoveable object, or a Gordion Knot. It seemed like the Power session cut right through the Gordion Knot and I’ve been given a return of some of my own basic stability. I had serious doubts before session that this could be handled even a tiny bit, but I’ve made a serious dent in this aspect of case.

I’d like to thank Dex for his expert auditing and LRH and everyone involved for making this Power Processing a reality for me. Several other major actions inside the Church of Scientology did absolutely nothing to handle this case for me, case that has been with me for a very long time, case that I’ve wanted handled ever since my first reading of Dianetics. Only now, outside of the church, in my second auditing session, is that case now being addressed, and successfully!
E.J., August 2011

E.C, finds the words..

One of my current PC’s was still “percolating” with changes and realizations 2 weeks after their session, experiencing and enjoying, and so not yet ready to continue with auditing. Today, E.C.’s universe settled down from all the changing and realigning, and E.C. was able to find the words for this latest session experience, and the changes thereof:

“I feel very open and fresh, there has been so much as-ised in my universe, and there is very little that bothers me.
If there is something that bothers me, it’s no longer in the sense that I sit there and ponder about it, but its rather a rational emotion and I don’t hang on it or linger on it for a long time.
When people speak to me, I don’t have facsimilies coming in, although I do have pictures that I can create on the subject that anyone may discuss with me. I feel free of restimulation and I find myself in a place where nothing really bothers me much; I don’t care to take part in to people’s BS or any other games that I don’t consider to be best for all of my dynamics. I just don’t care to feed the fire, I’ve lost interest in that.
I find myself operating on “what’s true for you is true for you”, without feeling any need to evaluate or invalidate. I feel totally at cause! A thetan operates by choice, what you get is what you choose!

This is true!

Testimonial: EC’s Story: “Life is a journey…”

Life is a journey. I believe that life is all about creating, and that creating has no limits or boundaries. I believe that a being is capable of achieving anything he truly wants. Unfortunately, my observation has been that the ability to create has come to a screeching halt for many, and that many of us live in darkness. I’ve known and observed the adherents of numerous religions, and experienced several of these for myself. It seems to me that people tend to follow the leading voice of a religion and find comfort and security in being told what to do, and that few of us stand up and think for ourselves.

I’m saying these things here to share my reality, and my experiences and observations with all; I’ve never been one to blindly accept, uninspected, the things I was told by my parents, friends or churches. I wanted something more. I always wanted to explore my abilities and the possibilities in my life; really, I just wanted to create for myself a better state of beingness, and come to understand who I am.

Not too long ago, I began experiencing auditing sessions with Dex, not knowing what to really expect. To my surprise, I fell in love with the fact that I was getting a ton of wins. Problems that I have been audited on before by other auditors suddenly began disappearing, my raging anger and bypassed charge lessening greatly; I mean, I am getting quick results here, guys!

I had been accustomed to worrying about what others are doing, and now, suddenly, I no longer care so much to sit and ponder, and investigate; now I find me thinking for myself. I had been feeling like I was dragging my meat bag (body) around places; suddenly I am skipping through the store aisles as if I were a feather floating through the air, and seeing that I as a being am ahead of the MEST universe and everything else is behind me. From having facsimiles and thoughts of “what if”, I find myself mentally unencumbered and at total peace, without need to ponder or question things, and being simply OK with what is, enjoying myself for who I am and where I am. From having a sour disposition to bursting out with laughter, and at the most interesting and random things, such as when I’m driving. Can you imagine driving and laughing your ass off while you have other drivers looking at you and wondering what the hell you’re laughing at? I think you catch my drift! I no longer care about what people have to say to me about others or if they try to convince me to do things a certain way; I think for myself and I follow my own ways, what is real and true to me, and that is just what I will continue to do.

I went with Dex, because he grants me so much beingness, he listens and understands. He is supportive of other auditors and does not evaluate or speak badly of other auditors or PCs. I like Dex, because he does not put up with BS and confronts matters right on the spot. I continue with Dex because I am having so many wins. I’m getting great results from his auditing of me. I strongly believe that this is what it’s all about, that I am winning, I’m achieving my goals for my auditing, and I am expending on all my dynamics. When all is said and done, I believe that it’s all about ARC, and my experience has been that Dex has awesome ARC.

Your friend,
E. C.

A new unsolicited testimonial!

Hey all,
I suppose I should jump in with some information. I’m Christof, and I’m pretty new. Recently I got in touch with someone, had an auditor recommended, and started. (Started a bit faster than I was expecting!)
I’m working with Dexter, and I have to say that I’ve had some pretty amazing results in the past few weeks alone. A lot of it doesn’t describe well, but I can definitely say my ARC is up all around me, and with my family it’s been very significant.
I’ve been blown away a few times on havingness, and I’m much more comfortable in my environment.
Hopefully, I’ll get through to some version of Clear and train on auditing through the Freezone.

Howdy to all, and thanks to Dex! July 1, 2011

Deb’s Story –“ I had been suicidal for years”

(Deb responded to my posted offer to help anyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. I gave her a session, and she sent me several messages over the next few days, as she continued to have realizations, her universe realigning over that time. This is what Deb had to say)

“It was hard to find words directly after session, it had to settle a bit. This session, my attention went from the room, bang, to my body, which I have been ignoring. I found a lot of thoughts about it, like it’s too old to attract a husband and I am lonely. There were other electronic things that happened, I don’t know how to describe them.

I found some decisions I made that shouldn’t be there. Actually so many thoughts went whoosh so fast, I didn’t catch them all, but I keyed out. The space changed, my kids art work popped out, with a cheerful emotion.

I as-ised some other thoughts that were there. It goes too fast sometimes. The artwork popped out from the walls. Grief came up. A lower back somatic turned on and blew off.

I have been confused since I quit the official gulag (I wont call it a church). I just got some faith back with the tech with this session. I have been upset because I lost my church. I lost what I thought it should be, that I could never find it again.

More thoughts are happening, and more grief is falling off. I found I have to change things. I want to surround myself with people who aren’t antagonistic to the tech. I realized that I had started to sound antagonistic myself.

I realized that I had been suicidal for years, I remembered driving, and wishing the car would fall over the cliff, this has been ‘underneath’ in my universe for a while. Now I’m feeling better. Not so hopeless. I have been too depressed, with a terrible feeling of hopelessness.

It’s all starting to pull together. I will keep writing these things down, as more things are rolling off. After session, I just wanted to run next door to the park and take a walk. Today I walked for hours. The lightening looked different today, actually the earth felt different under my feet!

Thank you, Dex!


New awareness on anchor points

August, 2010

Auditor: Dexter Gelfand

I’m particularly proud of this one. Rehabbed me as a case cracking auditor, brought back for me what I felt back in my CoS days, when I reveled in taking on the cases that others hadn’t succeeded to change. This was such a situation. I am fully back and better than ever as an auditor, and case programmer!

Success Story

Today I got a new awareness on anchor points. I saw that instead of just points that define a room or building or such that they can be a stuck point on the track, but not just some objective point. They have content, anything from charge, pain, love, heavy upset, thoughts, postulates, considerations, feelings, emotions, sensations, you name it. This is another way to describe a stuck point on the track, or a heavily charged incident.

I found an anchor with so much in it, it was a mock up of a being and all the mega ARC it represented. And the being had its own anchor point there as well, and still may. I have dropped my anchor / stuck viewpoint there, which was somewhere out there in the universe. In the moment of releasing it, I felt naked, disoriented and that it was okay to be myself and be off on my own.

Sometimes you just don’t want to let something go, it’s a problem in havingness, but something can be so desired, wanted and loved that one can lose sight of it being a game, and ARC itself becomes a trap. But no matter what game is played, for me ARC with fellow beings and sharing experiences is senior to the game, although some games are more fun than others. This old anchor point was the game of being on an eon long vacation of traveling around the universe and seeing the sites with someone I that shared very high mutual ARC. That is hard to let go of. How could I go it alone? I’m better oriented into PT and have a nice ease of intention in pursuit of my goals.

It’s a constant reaching to unravel one’s case. Day by day, process by process. I feel very good with Dex as my auditor, and feel great working with him to break through my case to higher and higher levels.


Power and Power Plus

July, 2010

Auditor: Dexter Gelfand

I have recently received Power and Power Plus.

Upon doing the 3rd step on Power Plus today, I spotted and as-ised the greatest ( for me ) overt of my entire existence.

The negation of “myself”, and the results since then denying “me” to exist, using all types of other mechanisms to confront life with, instead of just being me. The altering of self, to “fit” in with societies, and all kinds of strata of life, are seemingly endless. But the greatest feeling is that I dont have to do that anymore. This win being posted is proof-part or that change.

My auditor on this action is Dexter, and he’s doing a very effective and great job at running me on power ( this is not my first time receiving power, nor delivering it, I also delivered it to Dexter and 15 other cases in the last 3 months).

Thanks to you Dex, (I told you you could do it!).

My personal Wish is that all that have case issues, find yourself a good auditor who can deliver Power and get at it, your probably missing out on something, at least I and other were, And I have been audited by some awesome auditors over the years.

The wins of Power are VERY comparable to the L’s.


Major gain in solo session

In my solo session today, I had what was for me a transcendent increase in understanding of pan-determinism and individuation, which of course is the opposite of pan-determinism and also, I’ve come to realize, the opposite of, or the moving away from, the state of OT.

Individuation is the abandonment of viewpoint, and thus the withdrawal of beingness and responsibility. Acting harmfully toward another or others must be preceded by an individuation from those beingnesses, or viewpoints, which is individuation. If one hasn’t withdrawn from a beingness, then to harm that beingness would be to harm oneself, which is, of course antipathetic to one’s basic urge to survive, experience more pleasure, and less pain.

At the moment of realization, I felt a sense of all of my own  suppression of my connections to those terminals I’ve separated from drop away, and I felt a renewed interest and willingness to experience those beingnesses appreciate them and thus be in ARC. Before this, I was troubled by the fact of having severed ties to past terminals, and willingly maintaining that refusal to connect, and I didn’t know how to resolve that. I have thus attained a new and higher level of being whole on my dynamics. It is a very joyful state!

Love, Dex

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"My ideas of granting beingness are changing, and I’m becoming a lot more aware of other people as beings. Granting beingness to others is, looking back at it, possibly one of my biggest problem areas in this lifetime. I’m still sorting through that, but it’s got a lot of potential. "I’m having a lot more comfort in communication cycles, and paying more attention to them. Not necessarily running them better all the time, but definitely seeing them."
"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
"I feel energized, I can’t wait to create. Knowing my unlimited power, I will use it for good. I will have fun. I will postulate into existence whatever it is I want to do because it will be good. It will not harm. And, it will include others who are of the same mindset. Thanks so much to my wonderful auditor, Dexter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stable before."
"I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter just knows how to get a real product."
Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
  • Case repair
  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
“Raise your expectations, do not compromise!”