Book Excerpt-Your Spiritual Compass, and the Four Negative Spiritual Architectures that Compromise Your Existence

Here’s an introductory page from my forthcoming book, Honoring Your Spiritual Compass: Realizing Greater Expression of Self through the Natural Laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling:

As complex as a person’s mind can seem, all of the internal confusions, disturbances and entanglements fall into one of four categories of problematic mechanisms. These are our self-created spiritual architectures, brought into our existence and maintained with the idea that these will protect us from the things that overwhelmed us in some painful way, and/or that these will get us what we want.

The way to accomplish your goals and aspirations, and to maintain yourself in the face of challenging moments is to simply be present in the moment, rather than defaulting to any programmed response or to affect some false personality. And the more you can be present, the better your existence becomes.

These will be described and explained fully further in this book, but for introductory purposes, the four negative spiritual architectures are:

Unchanging or chronic undesirable conditions
Moments of shock
Stubbornly held protective attitudes
The taking on of a false persona

For each of these for, you will find in this book a specific technique for deconstructing, resolving and removing that particular spiritual architecture:

The Resolution Technique
The Shock Release Technique
The SHPA Technique
The Persona Deconstruction and Persona Image Techniques

Each of these techniques has worked hundreds, if not thousands of times to do its job fully, in counseling sessions, given by myself and those I have trained.

For this book I have configured each technique so that it can be self-applied; you may not be as uniformly successful as a trained practitioner working with a participant, being that reading this book is not equivalent to my in-depth one on one training. How well you study and learn is a factor, and doing this yourself requires self-discipline to stay on course and follow through to a complete end result. You may not always quickly recognize when a specific negative spiritual architecture of yours has surfaced in you, and go to the appropriate technique, but the more you read over this book, and the more you apply what you read, the better you’ll get. And in any case, you will almost certainly have more than enough success, self-enlightenment and magical changes to make this a very worthwhile venture!

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