An open letter to my Scientologist friends, on the subject of “continuity”, and the violation thereof

I have always had a passion for spirituality and for understanding and healing the mind and spirit, and like many people I’ve met and known, for a part of my life I participated in and experienced Scientology, and I became a skilled and knowledgable practitioner for a number of years, and like most others, I eventually broke from the organization, finding it to be a cult, corrupt, untrustworthy, abusive and predatory. Which is not to say that there wasn’t any value to some of the things I learned and experienced. Many times, when someone talks about the good they got out of their Scientology experience, they are speaking sincerely and factually, albeit, I could not, in my best judgment, endorse or recommend that anyone get involved, or trust the indoctrinations that shut Scientologists off from anything that might compete in the fields of therapy or spirituality, and that impose the idea that it is all to be wholly accepted, and as being the one true path to spiritual salvation.
Some time after breaking from the organization, I connected with and aligned myself with the many Scientologists who remained true believers in the practices of Scientology but disassociated from the organization, feeling that it had become corrupted and had strayed from the principles and specifics of the path laid out and mandated by L Ron Hubbard. At this time, I too believed in “the standard tech of Scientology” as the pure and ultimate solution to my spiritual quest.
However, over time, free of the oppressive supervision of the organization, thinking and examining for myself, I came to question and disagree with one thing after another, in terms of the stated principles and processes of Scientology, opened my mind to the works of many thoughtful and profound researchers in this field, including, but not limited to many who had actually contributed the principles and processes of Scientology (despite Hubbard’s claims that he alone came up with it all), and after being thrown under the bus for shining too brightly in Hubbard’s Scientology kingdom, themselves evolved better, further reaching and more workable techniques to resolve the issues of the mind and spirit.
As my own work as a truly independent practitioner continued (and continues) evolving, I found in myself a facility for seeing into the drives, issues and mechanics of the mind and spirit in new and profound ways, enabling me to be more successful than ever before in successfully guiding my participants to accomplish whatever it is that they arrive in front of me hoping and intending to accomplish, in terms of their goals, for mind and spirit. In my current perspective, Scientology was one of the stepping stones along my continuing path. Questioning, and exerting my intellectual freedom to see through and beyond that matrix has yielded exciting discoveries and recognitions.
Many of my participants are former Scientologists like me, who have been inspired by my videos and articles to reconnect with their drives for better personal conditions and spiritual self-realization.
My Scientologist friends have expressed mixed reactions to my “violating the points of Keeping Scientology Working”; I’m very appreciative of those who have been laudatory, supportive and encouraging, thankful for those who remain faithful to “the old ways” but also remain friends of mine, and I’m understanding of those who took a hostile attitude toward me, as there was a time when I myself was that far back on the learning curve, and had experienced that mind-trap for myself, where hostility toward any “suppressive persons” diverging from “the tech” was a major point of the indoctrination. They are free to have their say, as am I.

I have to admit, I was momentarily taken aback a bit when a delighted current participant of mine commented “I don’t understand why all these Scientologists say that there is no continuity to your approach”; I had no idea that such talk existed, apparently by several people. I would have thought that such Scientologists, priding themselves on their asserted superior communication skills, would have engaged directly with me rather than merely about me.
And most importantly, it gave me pause that anybody would have difficulty grasping the continuity inherent in following along the path that the individual’s mind is presenting. There can be no more perfect continuity than that! And of course the substantial multitude of gratefully expressed emphatic testimonials on my website speaks volumes for the logic of my approach.

More to the point, I would like to directly address that subject of continuity in sessions, very simply. Continuity IS extremely important in counseling sessions; without it, abrupt shifts of subject material will be jarring and confusing for the participant, as well as disappointing and frustrating.

We participate in sessions with a practitioner because we have specific items or issues we feel a need or desire to address, accomplish, release, and/or resolve. We bring these up as they come to mind. And as I have stated many times, there is only one valid function for any practitioner, and that is to facilitate the accomplishing of the participant’s goals and purposes for being there and participating. Your mind, when free of having any misdirection imposed on it, will always volunteer and present exactly what needs to be spiritually digested in order to accomplish and/or resolve whatever is opposing your goals and purposes; this is a function of what I call your spiritual compass, and as long as we allow this to present, and follow through on that path, we have a perfect continuity, and the very successful results that you see people talking about in their testimonials on my website.

Scientologists, your founder L. Ron Hubbard corroborated this approach in stating that Scientology auditing must “parallel the mind”; he also said to “Audit the PC in front of you”, which means, not some projected generic case, but that individual, manifesting what he or she is manifesting, in that moment.

But then, Hubbard dictated a pro forma sequence of techniques addressing specific items (“processes”) grouped in sequential “levels”, known in Scientology as “the grade chart”, aka “the bridge”, that each individual was to go through in identical order. It was claimed to be the generic sequence of mental and spiritual advancement that was best for everyone. This violated “paralleling the mind”, as the material addressed was all dictated from a generic script, and not from the individual participant, and so as well violated “auditing the PC in front of you”.

But as it is in the indoctrination of every Scientologist, it became established in the minds of Scientologists as a “continuity”. People do tend to default to an established pattern when not knowing what to do, and many find the idea of concrete “levels’ of advancement (and assumed superiority over others “less advanced”) very attractive, to serve as markers of (supposed) advancement.

But, while it is not unusual for Scientologist to experience moments of release, enlightenment or improvement at some spots on the “bridge”, in the long run, that violating of true, natural, individual continuity makes for a very time and money-consuming failure to actually accomplish those things that interested and drove the participant there in the first place. (And yes, as we all know, for many who became involved with the organization, it was a horror story, but that is largely a separate subject, and not the point here).

And thus, the many participants I’ve had who had first experienced all or most of the Scientology “bridge” and then came to me and then expressed how they “finally achieved what I got into Scientology for”, as testified to on my website. Accomplished through honoring your spiritual compass, that is, taking what your mind presents in the moment and addressing that with good techniques- in other words, staying with the true and natural continuity of your mind.
Love, Dex

5 Responses to An open letter to my Scientologist friends, on the subject of “continuity”, and the violation thereof

  • Awesome Dex. That is so true for me.

  • This is so true. I’ve had a similar conversation few days ago with a lady that was part of Scientology for 10 years and still doesn’t have her alcohol addiction handled, exactly because they are not dealing with what is presenting as an issue in a person’s life in the moment, while rather putting an individual through a funnel of so-called ‘spiritual liberation’ while completely dismissing what the person needs the most in a specific moment. There is no spiritual liberation if someone is in charge of it and tells you what is your next step as it completely violates your inner wisdom. Actually, due to people being programmed in a way that we need someone else to tell us what to do (all the authorities we encounter since we are born and hierarchies we are a part of), we give our power away. Spiritual freedom that is the most precious ‘asset’ we have and that we are consciously or unconsciously looking for, we give it away to other people’s hands trusting it’s going to work. It never does. That’s why your practices, Dex, really give the power of intuitive wisdom back to a person’s hands where it should be in the first place. Thank you for your work and for willing to teach me your way of healing the mind/spirit. Am truly grateful. Eva

  • I would have gotten all Scientology had to offer if there weren’t leaders in that organization that couldn’t really have love and compassion for their fellow man. Thank you Dex for taking it a step further .

  • It seems to me that, in posing the question to himself, “Why can’t other auditors get the same results as I?” (or words to that effect), L. Ron Hubbard pushed aside the notion that an individual can be unique. And thus came about “the bridge.” The truth is, only L. Ron Hubbard could have audited like himself, and so it is true for every practitioner of every trade.

    In ballet, for example, dancers will prefer to not only one particular brand, size, and style, but also to one particular maker–whom they will specifically request–and each maker inscribes each shoe with their mark.

    I appreciate your approach to each person as their own Self, and that you listen to each person as a new case, on a new day, in a new reality. There is no doubt that you have imprinted your mark upon each person you help.

    • Thank you for your observations, Jane. In truth, Hubbard’s “bedside manner” as a practitioner was less than universally satisfactory, and I know of cases where another was called in to “repair” his work with a participant.Perhaps a better model for your hypothesis would be John Mcmasters, one of several assistants who served as Hubbard’s #1 man over time. Mcmasters explained that he had to think about what the answer was to the oft-asked question about what made his sessions so special, and so he came to recognize that he was simply and only being 100% present with the participant, injecting no thoughts or attitudes of his own into the process. This was a great teaching point for me.

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