All that I can do

There isn’t anything I could tell you that, inside yourself, you don’t already know, underneath your layers of defensive denial. I can only invite and encourage you to open up to the expressions of all that is here for you from within.

“I feel as light as a thought”

One of the more beautiful expressions of spiritual liberation from my client JJ after his session: "I feel as light as a thought". That is a wonderful recognition of one's true self. This is the kind of thing that my work is all about. Love, Dex

The Full Embodiment of Ascension Technique!

This technique fully allows for all the qualities and characteristics in having newly opened up to a transcendent and enlightened state of being to fully emerge, be recognized, and fully engaged. Anyone who has ever experienced a profound spiritual shift is missing...

Victor: “In this short session, there’s been a dramatic change.”

Regardless of how usual this is, its always a wonderful feeling to see the work pay off so well for my treasured participants. Victor has come a long way out of a dark place and toward his aspirations for his state of existence. He had this to share today after our...

Placing yourself above others, what it shows and what it does.

Placing yourself above other people is not the way to solve your fears and your insecurities. It is a form of disassociation, of unacceptance, of unappreciation, and it is generating your own projections rather than recognizing what is truly here. Placing yourself...

The work, in relation to manifesting.

Your ability to manifest needs no work at all. You are manifesting constantly. The work is in gaining consciousness and control over what you are manifesting.

An holistic perspective: Personality and Free Spirit.

From the holistic spiritual perspective, a fixed set of characteristics is not natural to a being. It is something indoctrinated, taken on, and/or imposed, and it is a limiting filter and projector of attitude, behavior, and ability to experience. Any persona is...