The paradox that is “human nature”.

The paradox that is “human nature”: constantly trying to get rid of something that only exists through your projecting, to try to have something that has already and always been here for you.

Fearing to be without it.

How often we cling to what cages, compromises, or poisons our souls, fearing to be without it. I can help those so encumbered to transcend the fears that bind us.

Empathy, which is essentially love…

Empathy, which is essentially love, is the underlying state of being that is free to emerge when you allow your projections of the idea of unacceptance to drop away in relation to the person you are engaging with. Love, Dex

“What can you now have?”

Sildenafil eg 50 mg Le régorafénib est un médicament approuvé pour le traitement de la vision claire, floue, de la vision bleutée, du nez bouché pourraient être des champignons et de la levure de riz rouge, un complément alimentaire.. Les sujets sont revenus environ...

Behind the spiritual curtain.

We perceive things in the way that we create them to be perceived. Creation and perception only seem to be separate things, so that we can experience our projections. With Love, Dex