Stability, Re-Examined

Stability may not be a very worthwhile goal. A more valid goal might be to be able to accept, experience, learn from, grow through and appreciate the full gamut of experience. And “stability”, or consistency may actually be a sought, created, artificial “solution” to being overwhelmed in encountering some things. We may need to redefine the concept of “stability”. Like taking on an identity- a fixed, stable attitude. And this suggests that a being who could truly experience “instability” might just be free, whether absolutely or to a much greater degree, of the need to take on identities, i.e., the need to be something, instead of simply, and purely being!


4 Responses to Stability, Re-Examined

  • Yes on this point!Ron mentions how a being takes on other valences when he cannot deal with the problems he has created.I guess it must be a part of the game!!! My oh my!!! I think the reference is in Pheonix lecture 4.Thanks Dex.

  • Hellooooo Dex. 🙂 What a wonderful, truly eloquent statement. Such a viewpoint, as simple as can be, belies the enormous depth of understanding arrived at, through tomes of working experience. Related, I just love the term you have incorporated, in describing the vagaries encountered during the ups & downs of processing — “digesting” — so apt and accurate, dear brother. Ever seeking newer (and “truer”?) viewpoints from which to deliver/assimilate that “caused” happening called “experience.” Expect to be hearing from me soon. I have already done the praise singing bit & passed on your details to a number of friends who are due to contact you for your services. Btw I’m an ex Scn, as was my late wife, Dorothy, (first NED Auditor/CS Durban Org) from the early 70’s. 100% with you and your views/approach with your Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.
    Thank you
    Love Calvin.

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