“Stability”: The Opposite of Experiencing Life to its Fullest?

I will flesh this out more over the near future, but my latest advancement/ recognition is that “stability” may not even be a valid goal, and that a more valid goal would be to be able to accept, experience, learn from, grow through and appreciate the full gamut of experience. And “stability”, or consistency may actually be a sought, created, artificial “solution” to being overwhelmed in encountering some things. We may need to more accurately define the concept of “stability”. Like taking on an identity—a fixed, stable attitude. And this suggests that a being who could truly experience “instability” might just be free, whether absolutely or to a much greater degree, of the need to take on identities, i.e., the need to be something, instead of simply, and purely being!

Love, Dex

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  • brilliant

  • Stability would have to be defined well in order to evaluate it well. There are many interpretations of that concept!

    For me, stability is the ability to get myself back in balance quickly when something goes off-kilter in life. Sometimes, I have it. Sometimes, I don’t, and it takes longer to find my way.

    Some others may think of stability as doing the same thing over and over again, unchangingly (same time, same station), and only having routine as a guidepost. This type of “stability” will be a help only in terms of getting things done in life, but if it’s only applied to the “shoulds” and not to one’s hopes and dreams, it is most certainly damaging spiritually.

    Making decisions based on the spiritual viewpoint, on the other hand, would probably leave things a bit messy and some things undone, but fulfill an individual much more and leave room for a lot more spontaneity.

    • Hi Samara. I think that you have expressed your points very well. Personally, as an ex-scientologist (now more aligned to Dex’s views) the one (of many) certainty retained from my scn experience over 45 years, is the ‘stability’ attained, from the regular practice of TR-0 (Confronting Drill). Regular recourse to doing this drill, in my experience and estimation, essentially DOES provide a remarkable degree of ‘stability’ not just in the spiritual plane
      but also in one’s interactions with others and life (including havoc & chaos) in general. I guess what I’m trying to say — as did Dex above — is that it is possible to be able to experience ‘instability’ while oneself remaining relatively stable, via pure B-E-I-N-G. (something worked for and/or attained)

      ML, Calvin.

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